Rupert Sheldrake – Biology of Transformation – The Morphic Field (Morphic Resonance)

Suppose Darwin and the DNA model have missed something vital...So vital that it changes the whole idea of who you really are.


Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 75 scientific papers and ten books, including Seven Experiments That Could Change The World. A former Research Fellow of the Royal Society, he studied natural sciences at Cambridge University, where he was a scholar of Clare College, took a double first class honours degree and was awarded the University Botany Prize. He then studied philosophy at Harvard University, where he was a Frank Knox Fellow, before returning to Cambridge, where he took a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He was fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University, where he carried out research on the development of plants and the ageing of cells. He is the current Perrott-Warrick Scholar and Director of the Perrott-Warrick Project. He is also a Fellow of the institute of Noetic Sciences, near San Fransisco, and an Academic Director and Visiting Professor at the Graduate Institute in Connecticut.

Biology of Transformation:

Suppose Darwin and the DNA model have missed something vital…
So vital that it changes the whole idea of who you really are.

Suppose we’re not who we’re told we are. Suppose we’re not separate, surviving in a dog-eat-dog world of competition and struggle. Suppose too that the DNA model is incomplete. That our human birthright is more magnificent than we could ever imagine — and it’s all there already, in our genetic make-up.

These radical ideas represent the lifework of some of the world’s most eminent biologists who have had the courage to stand against the orthodoxy. What they were discovering every day in the laboratory just didn’t fit with the existing paradigm — and they couldn’t stay quiet about it.

‘The Biology of Transformation’ conference brings together some of these for two inspiring and transforming days. The speakers represent some of the leading names in the ‘new biology’, and their message will give you new eyes on the world and yourself.


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