Promise and Perils of AI – Osmar Zaiane [Playlist]


Dr. Osmar Zaiane presents Problems and Perils of AI Part I on January 21, 2014 in the Technology and Future of Medicine course at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada. Table of Contents 00:00:00 Kim Solez, objectives, background on Sony Aibo robotic dog. 00:10:28 Osmar Zaiane presentation begins with completely new content! 00:11:35 Road map for lectures, 00:12:15 Thinking machines, what is thinking? 00:14:35 Do insects think? Scorpion suicide. 00:15:25 Can machines think? 00:16:15 Creating life.

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Strandbeest… , 00:18:25 Student observations on Strandbeest, 20:25 Why children take things apart, reverse engineering of toys by children, take apart see how it works, rebuild, 00:22;35 Can repair things you have not seen before, water flosser, if know basically how they work, 00:24:20 Reverse engineering human being in creating artificial intelligence, have to understand how the human body works to reverse engineer it, an important role of medicine, can think of it as a component of human enhancement see Medicine Writ Large concept… , 00:25:30 physicians, doctors, medical engineers, the need for medical input to reverse engineer humans and create artificial intelligence is important justification for a course like this one, important message: we need physicians, doctors who understand how the human body works to provide input in order to build a machine that is as intelligent as we are, important first condition is that we understand how human beings work, 00:26:29 Beyond physicians, we need biologists and philosophers as well, 00:26:55 Can we program machines that think?, 00:27:15 The Mechanical Turk and the Scribe, the scribe has disc in back that can be changed, allows new scripts, new languages, first programmable machine, 00:30:25 More sophisticated machines of today, Software lags behind hardware, Dramatic exponential increase in transistor density! 00:33:25 Hans Moravec graph, trajectory toward a thinking machine, 00:35:00 Floppy disc, 64 GB thumb drive of today, that storage would have cost $500,000 in 1980s!, 00:37:44 What is a gigabyte, swimming pool analogy.

Osmar Zaiane presents “The Promise and Perils of Artificial Intelligence, Part III” on January 30, 2014 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Table of Contents: 00:00:00 Expert systems and machine learning, 00:00:53 Expert systems no longer considered AI , was first AI, 00:04:53 general architecture, 00:07:02 Rise of expert systems 1967-1985, 00:08:40 Major problems with expert systems, 00:11:58 Students, machine learning defined, 00:12:54 What is machine learning, 00:14:33 Examples that are not machine learning, 00:19:29 Classification, the typical process, 00:21:50 training set, 00:24:25 challenges in supervised learning, 00:25:07 neural networking, concrete applications, 00:28:52 supervised vs. unsupervised learning, 00:38:02 Promise of AI, Medical AI, 00:43:54 AI in medicine, 00:45:33 Helping physicians interpret MRI images, 00:47:53 medical microarray analysis, 00:49:18 Machine learning model for mammograms, breast cancer 00:49:46 Other biomedical applications, 00:50:57 Prostate cancer, 00:53:10 Discussion, how much danger is there is the black box aspects of machine learning?, 00:54:49 computers doing high frequency trading on stock market, 00:57:50 Internet noise, soft takeoff, hard takeoff, gradual change likely, 01:01:10 Google purchase of deep mind, ethics committee important feature, 01:01:50 Computers likely more ethical than humans.

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