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The ROBOCHEF – China’s Noodle Slicing Robot

Chef Cui is a noodle-slicing robot developed by Cui Runguan, a Chinese restaurateur, that is now being mass-produced and sold in China. The robot...

Seth Lloyd: Universal Deep Quantum Learning

Quantum systems can generate non-classical correlations that can't be generated by classical systems. This talk investigates whether quantum devices can recognize patterns that can't...
Stephen Kotkin - Sphere of Influence (IntellectualGlee.com)video

Stephen Kotkin: Sphere of Influence III – The Chip on the Shoulder

Populist revolt within countries has its complement in a populist revolt against the liberal, rules-based international order, which is driven by three revisionist powers...

Talk on "Robots and the Human" by Oussama Khatib [Playlist]

Talk given by Oussama Khatib at STIFF / VIACTORS Summerschool on Impedance in 2011.   (Source: Hannes Hoeppner)

Distributed Data Mining on Agent Grid: Issues, Platform and Development Toolkit

By Jiewen Luo, Maoguang Wang, Jun Hu, and Zhongzhi Shi Abstract Centralized data mining techniques are widely used today for the analysis of large corporate and...
Michio Kaku - 3 Hour Interview - About Everything. Science (IntellectualGlee.com)video

Michio Kaku – 3 Hour Interview – About Everything. Science

Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science. Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at the City College of...

Neural Networks for Machine Learning with Geoffrey Hinton

The course "Neural Networks for Machine Learning " by Geoffrey Hinton of Toronto University, will be offered free of charge to everyone on the...

Are We Engineering The End Of Mankind?

2015 – the year of artificial intelligence. From robots that may be able to grow and birth babies to advances in medicine with artificial...

Probabilistic Numerical Computation: A New Concept? – Professor Mark Girolami

The Turing Lectures: The Intersection of Mathematics, Statistics and Computation - Professor Mark Girolami: "Probabilistic Numerical Computation: A New Concept?" Lecture blurb: The vast amounts of...
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