Distributed Data Mining on Agent Grid: Issues, Platform and Development Toolkit


By Jiewen Luo, Maoguang Wang, Jun Hu, and Zhongzhi Shi


Centralized data mining techniques are widely used today for the analysis of large corporate and scientific data stored in databases. However, industry, science, and commerce fields often need to analyze very large datasets maintained over geographically distributed sites by using the computational power of distributed systems. The Grid can play a significant role in providing an effective computational infrastructure support for this kind of data mining. Similarly, the advent of multi-agent systems has brought us a new paradigm for the development of complex distributed applications. During the past decades, there have been several models and systems proposed to apply agent technology building distributed data mining (DDM). Through a combination of these two techniques, we investigated the critical issues to build DDM on Grid infrastructure and design an Agent Grid Intelligent Platform as a testbed. We also implement an integrated toolkit VAStudio for quickly developing agent-based DDM applications and compare its function with other systems.

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Jiewen Luo, born in 1980. He received his B.S. in Computer Science Department from Jilin University and now is a Ph.D. candidate in Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS). He is also a Research Assistant in Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His current research interests include distributed artificial intelligence, agent grid and data mining. In addition, he is a member of China Computer Federation (CCF) and the Chairman of CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum For Graduate Students (YOCSEF-GS).

Zhongzhi Shi, born in 1941. He is a professor and doctoral supervisor in Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His current research areas include artificial intelligence, multi-agent system and data mining. He is the Chairman of Working Group 12.3 of IFIP, vice president of Chinese Artificial Intelligence Society, and member of council of Chinese Computer Federation. He serves as an Academic Committee member of Institute of Computing Technology, Academia Sinica, and also a member of the Technical Committee of National Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In addition, he is vice president of Chinese Society of Machine Learning and vice president of Chinese Society of Knowledge Engineering.


(Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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