Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, And The Frame Problem – Murray Shanahan


This video was recorded at the Keynote for PT-AI 2013. It is based on the paper which posits an intimate relationship between the neural underpinnings of consciousness and the computational requirements for overcoming the frame problem, where the frame problem is construed as the challenge of bringing all relevant cognitive resources to bear on an ongoing situation. If the brain is considered as a dynamical system, then the hallmark of consciousness, according to the claim, is integration. Whether in respect of a perception, a sensation, or a thought, the conscious condition arises when the system’s many independent parts (processes) act under the influence of the system as a whole, while the system as a whole acts in a way that aggregates the influence of all its parts. As well as correlating with conscious modes of brain activity, this dynamical regime facilitates the formation of coalitions of brain processes drawn from the full combinatorial repertoire of possibilities.


(Source: YouTube | FHIOxford)

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