AGI 2011: Self-Programming Workshop


The Fourth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence
Mountain View, California, USA
August 3-6, 2011

Self-Programming Workshop:

Self-Programming = Learning about Intelligence-Critical System Features.
Presented by Ben Goertzel.…

An Implemented Architecture for Feature Creation and General Reinforcement Learning.
Presented by Brandon Rohrer.…

Behavioral Self-Programming by Reasoning.
Presented by Pei Wang.…

Heuristic Search in Program Space for the AGINAO Cognitive Architecture.
Presented by Wojciech Skaba.…

Emergent inference, or how can a program become a self-programming AGI system?
Presented by Sergio Pissanetzky.…

Self-Programming through Imitation.
Presented by J. Storrs Hall.…


(Source: GoogleTechTalks)

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