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Building a Business on Artificial Intelligence

People don't look at raw numbers and immediately make qualitative assessments. Professionals need more than digits and decimals to do their job well. Sageworks'...

UNC Charlotte Embedded Systems Course By James Conrad [Playlist + Textbook]

These series of videos are from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Embedded Systems course (ECGR4101/5101 - Spring 2012) taught by James Conrad,...

Human-Computer Interaction Seminar Series 2013

This seminar series features dynamic professionals sharing their industry experience and cutting edge research within the human-computer interaction (HCI) field. Each week, a unique...

Distributed Learning and Multi-Objectivity in Traffic Light Control

Abstract: Traffic jams and suboptimal traffic flows are ubiquitous in modern societies, and they create enormous economic losses each year. Delays at traffic lights alone...

Rupert Sheldrake – Biology of Transformation – The Morphic Field (Morphic Resonance)

Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 75 scientific papers and ten books, including Seven Experiments That Could Change The World....

The Affordable $200 Micro 3D Printer

The first truly consumer 3D printer should be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design....And That's Why We Made The MicroIt is...

Neuroengineering – The Future is Now [Playlist]

Lecture I: Ed Boyden, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab on optogenetics, and stunning advancements in our understanding of cognition and memory.https://youtu.be/bHubR09oKKELecture II: Dr. Theodore Berger's research...

Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Emerging World of ECoG Neuroprosthetics

The notion that a computer can decode brain signals to infer the intentions of a human and then enact those intentions directly through a...

The Possibility of Artificial Consciousness – Murray Shanahan

One way a scientist might set about building a conscious artefact is to attempt to make a near perfect simulation of the brain of...
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