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Ethics of Advanced AGI – AGI 2011: The Future of AGI Workshop [Playlist]

The Future of AGI Workshop Part I - Ethics of Advanced AGI Workshop Intro: Ben GoertzelSteve Omohundro, Design Principles for a Safe and Beneficial AGI...

Scaling Up Machine Learning with Ron Bekkerman

Scaling Up Machine Learning with Ron Bekkerman. (Source:¬†LinkedInTechTalks)

Machine Learning Meets Economics: Using Theory, Data, and Experiments to Design Markets

Economists often build "structural models," where they specify a specific model of individual behavior and then use data to estimate the parameters of the...

Consciousness And The Bayesian Brain – Sandler Conference 2014

Karl Friston, London Consciousness and the Bayesian brain [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQAsXI91USU] Mark Solms, Cape Town Discussion of Karl Friston: Consciousness and the Bayesian brain JOSEPH SANDLER PSYCHOANALYTIC...

Universal Artificial Intelligence – Marcus Hutter

The approaches to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the last century may be labelled as (a) trying to understand and copy (human) nature, (b) being...

Computational Thinking with Jeannette Wing

Join Jeannette Wing, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research, speaks at a presentation on computational thinking followed by a Q&A with Mark Hansen, Director of...
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