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Hoping For Genius Machines With Computational Compassion

Winter Intelligence Oxford - http://winterintelligence.org  Organized by the Future of Humanity Institute - http://fhi.ox.ac.uk/  AGI12 - http://agi-conference.org/2012  Title: Open source genius machines who care. (Source: YouTube | Adam Ford)

Consciousness and the Representational Theory of Mind: Overview of the Philosophical Debate

Speaker: Robert Lurz Representationalism is the view in philosophy and cognitive science that the mind is nothing more than a representational system. According to representationalism,...

Multiagent Dynamical Systems in Machine Learning

Computational Science and Engineering, UC Davis Speaker: James CrutchfieldI will show how to model multiagent systems using dynamical systems theory by deriving a class of...

Artificial Intelligence on Social Choice: A Decision-Theoretic Perspective

CRCS Lunch Seminar (Monday, October 4, 2010) Speaker: Craig Boutilier, University of Toronto Title: Computational Social Choice: A Decision-Theoretic Perspective ABSTRACT: Social choice, an important topic of study...
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