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The World's Largest Functional Brain Model – Spaun And The Nengo Neural Simulator

(Phys.org | Lin Edwards) — One of the challenges of understanding the complex behavior of animals is to relate the behavior to the complex...

Data Gone Wild

Data was installed the emotion chip and he went on to feel the world...  (Star Trek: Generations | 1994) "The emotion chip was a device...

Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

Steven Pinker - Psychologist, Cognitive Scientist, and Linguist at Harvard UniversityHow did humans acquire language? In this lecture, best-selling author Steven Pinker introduces you...

Ray Kurzweil – Futurist

Ray Kurzweil is a 21st century polymath. He is a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, author, visionary and futurist. As a scientist and inventor he...

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (Updated)

Kai-Fu Lee is a Taiwanese venture capitalist, technology executive, writer, and computer scientist. He is currently based in Beijing, China. This talk took place on...
Navigating 50 Years of Philosophical Debate with Maps - (IntellectualGlee.com)

Navigating 50 Years of Philosophical Debate with Maps

A collaboratively editable version of Robert Horn's brilliant and pioneering debate map Can Computers Think?—exploring 50 years of philosophical argument about the possibility of...

Caltech's Machine Learning – CS 156 by Prof Yaser Abu-Mostafa

Overview - Machine Learning Course Overview Lecture of Caltech's Machine Learning Course - CS 156 by Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa. Lecture 01 - The Learning Problem The Learning...
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